Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Our Fruit Alphabet

Today in the Junior School, we were learning about all the different varieties of fruit.

We investigated the fruit growing in our orchard, read 'Apples A to Z', ate apples and even created our own fruit alphabet. Did you know xigua is the Chinese name for watermelon?

We're growing our own fruit for a sustainable future. What food do you grow at home?

Thursday, 11 May 2017

Travelwise Central Primary Lead Teacher and Student Development Workshop Brainstorming Session

Central Primary Lead Teacher and Student Development Workshop

Before we attended the leadership day workshop we had to brainstorm and prepare our ideas on a road safety issue/problem our school is currently experiencing.  We chose traffic around our school gates.

·         we talked about what we already knew about the problem/issue/activity from observation and experience.
·       Next we thought about possible solutions.
We noted these all down and brought them to the workshop for the planning activity in the afternoon

Year One Classes Road Safety Sessions

As part of 'Road Safety Week' the Year One and Two classes had a class lesson with Constable Merv and Marianne from Auckland Transport.  They learnt how to cross the road safely using a pedestrian crossing and to be aware of sneaky driveways.  Very important messages - especially for all the students who walk to school regularly.

                                                   Messages for drivers around schools

Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Do the Rot Thing: Compost Critters

This term the middle school are learning about how important our big 5 decomposers are to a sustainable future. Without worms, insects, mould, funghi & bacteria to biodegrade waste, we wouldn't have lovely nutient rich soil to grow our food in. Did you know all food comes from dirt? Doubt it? Ask a middle schooler to tell you how.

Today we went compost diving to find out more about the insects and mini beasts hard at work breaking down our scraps.

Comment below if you've got a worm farm or compost at home ☺🌍

New Worm Bin - Very Exciting!

Last week our new worm bin finally arrived.  Our bin was sponsored by Prolife Foods.  Colin McPike talked to the Middle School about the bin and how to care for our worms.  He then worked with the Room 21 worm bin monitors to ensure they know how to feed the worms correctly and operate the bin.  It is a very exciting addition to our Edible Garden Area

Students listening to Mr McPike

                                                           The Worm Bin Monitors

Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Stepping Out Programme - Junior School

As part of Road Safety Week all the Junior School classes at Sunnyhills Primary School are learning how to cross the road safely. 

Room 21 Year 2
Constable Merv and Marianne showed us pictures of zebra crossings, drive ways and cars parked on the road. We talked about how we need to - stop, look, and listen at the crossing. Then we talked about how to walk sensibly and cross the road safely. Sometimes we need to hold an adult’s hand when crossing to be safe and it is important that we walk across the road even with if we have skateboards or bikes. It is also important that we use the pedestrian crossings when we cross the road.
We went outside to practice safe road crossing at the zebra crossings, driveways and sneaky driveways. It is important to look front, left and right and behind before crossing.
At the crossing, you need to stop, look, and listen BEFORE you cross the road. You need to check if the cars have stopped by looking at their wheels.